Arkturus Features and Benefits

Powerful Process Mining in one solution: all the tools you need to make better business decisions.

Arkturus Key Features and Benefits

Build your Arkturus Process Mining programme using a mix of Arkturus tools, services and solutions. Put all of these key features and benefits at your fingertips to help cut costs, improve performance and enhance customer engagement.

Process Mining EngineVisualise
and Identify
Root Causes
Measure with
Codeless KPIs
Automatically merge any data source into a single process view

Faster discovery of processes

Complete view of what actually occurs: generate models that represent actual processes from your data

Up-to-date view of processes: regular data integration for KPI updates, compliance monitoring and continuous improvement

AI technologies to find linkages, detect problems, and suggest improvements

Fact-based rather than anecdotal or user perception based

Lower cost of problem identification and analysis from proactive insights

Analyse faster with less resources and cost

Data visualised to show actual processes including all variations and exceptions

See everything happening in your processes, not just the Happy Path

Interactive visual analysis performed on your process chart

Find hidden problems using the data, don’t just rely on what you are told

Easily identify bottlenecks, re-works and other inefficiencies

Quick and accurate impact assessment to ensure you spend your time on the right things

Be confident your decisions are based on facts and actual data

Faster work and less resource results in lower overall cost

Advanced analytical features to determine root cause

Includes: views, trails, filters, work in progress, interactive charts, comparisons, time-lapse, detailed case-level view

Interactive visual analysis performed on your process chart

Easily find real sample cases to validate your hypothesis

Better and faster results from interactive analysis features

More time spent on analysis and less time spent on data manipulation

Zero cost and zero delay for technical data resources

Create KPIs and metrics visually, without code = faster delivery of information to users

Create KPIs for any sub-set of processes, with attribute filter, instantly

Centrally deployed, customisable dashboards for any user in all levels of your organisation

Better information for users through more granular and accurate metrics

User definable graphs to show the impact of changes

Zero cost and zero delay – require less BI or report writing resources

Single tool to manage your improvements from problem definition through to implementation

Manage change projects or your CI programme

Record problems, impacts, costs, benefits, analysis artifacts, changes, measures and real benefits

Kanban board to progress initiatives from logging to analysis, execution and measuring

Define and monitor initiative changes, KPIs and benefits

Integrated with analytical tool for sharing information and preparing for analysis workshops

Traceability from symptoms to initiatives, through to changes, KPIs and impacts

Define model processes and acceptable variations from actual data

Customise process diagrams and document process steps for ongoing training purposes

Create ‘sentinels’ to monitor and alert on non-compliance events

Define sentinel rules based on path violations or attribute level values

Instant and codeless Sentinel definition = zero cost or delay for BI or reporting writing resources

Effective monitoring and management of continuous change in your organisation

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