Arkturus Consulting Services

We have the skills and experience to support you and your team through any process improvement project - or we can do it for you.

Arkturus Services Delivery Team

Arkturus can deliver as much (or as little) as you need, of your business transformation projects. From a complete end-to-end delivery solution, through to individual services – our business improvement delivery team is faster and less expensive than any traditional approach you may have used before.

Rapidly – select process and manage data
Efficiently – identify and analyse issues
Successfully – define and scope improvements
Easily – measure the impact when implemented

What Arkturus Services Teams Deliver

Fast turnaround

We get you from problem, to insight, to action – faster. Our team knows the exact data insights required to get the result you need; how to extract insights from the process mining; then turn that data into actionable implementation plans faster than anyone else (it’s what we do all day).

Complete skill set

Each team has the complete skill set required to deliver Process Improvement programmes, available to it. This includes: project management, business analysis, continuous improvement delivery, data science, reporting analysts, change management and business coaching.

Work the way you do

Our agile, flexible approach means we can adapt a project to reflect the way you work. Data can be extracted virtually, using the everyday systems and processes you’re currently using. It limits the disruption to your business and means you get the answers you so desperately need, with minimal pain.

Key knowledge

Our aim is to ensure the knowledge generated by our team as part of any project is passed back to you. This includes digital assets, data reporting, any modelling or dashboards we create. It means you can continue to use these tools to analyse and improve your processes for as long as you are an Arkturus subscriber.

An Arkturus Delivery Team is deployed with each of our starter kits, or contact us now to understand how we might accelerate (or deliver) your next project.

Other Ways to Engage The Arkturus Team

Use Arkturus’ highly trained process improvement team to plug gaps in your own capability – or to underpin the delivery of your business change or transformation project with training and support.

Data Services

Arkturus data scientists manage everything from the initial extraction of data from your systems and tools, to the implementation of ongoing measurement and reporting.

Project Management

Arkturus project managers are experienced in complex project management for individual projects and/or establishing continuous improvement for your organisation.

Business Analysis

Arkturus business analysts offer a complete service from discovery, problem identification, root cause analysis, solution identification, reporting and more.


Arkturus provides comprehensive training on its Arkturus Process Mining and Intelligence tools as well as its process improvement practice and methodologies.


Ongoing support for how you and your team uses Arkturus process improvement tools and solutions – we take care of data and system updates, upgrades and more.

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