Arkturus Process Mining - Cut costs. Reduce risks. Keep customers.

Process mining helps organisations like yours, use data you already have, to make the best decision - every time.

Process Mining has never been easier

Stop guessing – start process mining. Arkturus’ unique process mining engine applies the very latest in AI and machine learning to drill down into your existing data.

Arkturus then creates 100% accurate insights that enable you to make the best possible decisions right across your business. Cost savings, staffing, compliance, risk management, customer engagement and more.

No more dependence on business consultants or developers taking weeks to code KPIs and benchmarks. Do it yourself in minutes with an Arkturus Starter Pack. Everything you need to visualise, measure, analyse, improve and monitor a process through your business.

Understand the Arkturus Process Mining advantage

There are numerous reasons why organisations like yours use Arkturus Process Mining to drive business change – here are just a few:

Cost Savings

Real time insights – for real savings

  • Know where rework and -mis-steps occur. No guesswork. No anecdotes.
  • Understand the business wide impact of cutting staff or changing process.
  • Accurately measure and quantify the impact of change using real data, in real time.

Better Decisions

Make changes with fact based clarity

  • Understand how your business operates now, with 100% accuracy.
  • Make faster decisions with factual insights and powerful visualisation.
  • Model the options to know the real impact of the choices you have.

Compliance Plus

Mitigate risk, control cost of compliance

  • No surprises; model the risks of any change across your business.
  • Define compliance rules and detect violations in near real time.
  • Get early warning on non-compliance to fix issues before they escalate.

Happy Customers

Know you deliver what you promise

  • Accurately track customer engagement from every touchpoint with you.
  • Know when and where, standards you’ve set aren’t being met – in real time.
  • Model your ‘happy’ customer path – set alerts for when customers fall off it.

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